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4403 Miles

4403 miles is the distance from the place I currently call home to my new place of work. I’m still undecided as to whether this fact is terrifying scary or terribly exciting, although i’m leaning towards the latter.

On the 3rd January 2017 I submitted my application for my first teaching job at a leading international school in Doha, Qatar. I decided not to hold my breath – what kind of leading international school wants to take on an NQT right?! Wrong. Little did I know that 21 days later, after a nerve wracking 2 part interview process I would be answering a phone call offering me a job as a year 3 class teacher in Qatar. I didn’t hesitate for a second in saying yes (sorry mum!).


Since then I feel like life has been a whirlwind of paperwork. Luckily for me, my new school are amazing. They have sorted Visas, bank accounts, flights, medical insurance, sent me to conferences in London for new international teachers and answered every single one of the millions of questions I have emailed over to them. I’ve still had lots to sort on my end (contacting banks, student finance, car insurance etc.) but school have definitely taken some of the pressure off which i’m grateful for, I know not everyone is as fortunate to get the kind of support that i’ve had from my HR department.


On July 18th I graduated from university with a first class honours degree in primary education (show off!). This meant I finally got my hands on my degree certificate which I had to immediately send (along with my transcript and a letter from my university) to be notarised, legalised and stamped by the Qatar Embassy in London before being posted onto school. This was one of the final requirements from school to issue my work visa which I have now been emailed. Everything is coming together.

17 days to go…. Time to start panicking packing

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